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Anyway, I was thinking about how fucked up this show actually is and decided to compile a fewwww of the reasons and episodes that show how weird this show is getting. Honestly, I'm really surprised that they haven't made a non-kid's-show version similar to Red and Stimpy's Adult Party Cartoon at this point, because wow.

One, Bikini Bottom is actually a real place! You know how the show comedically shows a mushroom cloud above the water when things blow up? That’s because it actually takes place at the bottom of the Bikini Atoll, which is where they did these huge nuclear testing experiments. Does this mean the characters are affected by radiation? Is this location important to the story? It must have been picked for a reason… Maybe to explain why the fish and other underwater sea creatures are capable of making lobster traps into restaurants, liking abstract art, and you know, talking.

This is a fact about the show that has been happening before the first Spongebob movie, where most of the people who had originally worked on the show left. Most fans of the show believe that Spongebob has undergone a drastic change since then.

Spongebob is a really creepy stalker. Yeah, I suppose it’s supposed to be taken as a joke, but when you watch episodes like Squid’s Visit (where Spongebob decorated his entire house to look exactly like the interior of Squidward's home.) and Boating Buddies, (where Spongebob just won't leave Squidward alone, strokes him randomly, and breathes heavily while staring at him... No, seriously. I was super uncomfortable this whole episode lmao) Throughout many of the episodes, it's a running gag that Spongebob is creepily obsessed with Squidward. (In House Fancy, Squidward finds Spongebob crouched below his window and asks "Spongebob, how long have you been spying on me?" to which Spongebob replies "Uhmm, what day is it?" and Squidward threatens to 'call the cops again'.)It's hard to take it as just a joke. It gets a little weird.

Squidward’s suicidal tendencies. His dry sarcasm and bitter attitude make it harder to tell, but he does this in a few episodes. For ones off the top of my head, there’s Mermaidman and Barnacleboy IV, where he idly looks over the edge of Patrick's hand and mutters "I wonder if a fall from this height would kill me." and in Band Geeks where the drum sticks pin him to the wall and he just looks deadpan and say "Too bad that didn't kill me." There’s even a whole episode dedicated to showing him being clinically depressed, with at least twice he's shown doing things with suicidal implications. He mutters "I just can't seem to be happy" before shoving his head in the oven, and then he says it again, while hooking a rope above a rafter while standing on a box. (Are You Happy Now?) It's hard to picture what exactly the writers are going for with making Squidward suicidal. They may be referencing the terrible creepypasta, but why would they do that for a kids show?

Anyway, from someone who doesn’t actually hasn’t watched the show in a while, you would expect them to say it’s a cartoon, so it would probably be slice of life and general modern, since it's a kids cartoon aimed towards comedy. When you’re a weirdo like me who actually goes through and watches all these and does character studies about an octopus, you’d see how twisted this show can actually get! There’s weird vibes in the show that tell you the writers aren’t trying to be funny in the some of the more weirder episodes, they are genuinely trying to creep you out. (I’m looking at you, ‘Squid’s Visit’. What was up with that creepy background music?)

Long story short, I thought about explaining my case why modern Spongebob is more likely to be in Supernatural Horror, but I don’t want to have to re-explain to everyone in the horror/Supernatural community why Squidward Tentacles is there hahaha. So, Generic Modern Slice of Life, it is.


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