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Character Name: Squidward Tentacles
Series: Spongebob Squarepants
Timeline: I am playing Squidward after “Squid Plus One”.
Canon Resource Link: Pizza Deliver Service is a good reference for how Squidward usually behaves! Here’s also a link to the show’s Wikipedia page!

Character History:

Squidward Tentacles is an octopus who works as a cashier at the fast food restaurant, the Krusty Krab. He works with and is next door neighbors with Spongebob, the main character in the show. He’s known to be very cynical, narcissistic, and terrible at customer service. You can often find him reading or taking a nap when he’s supposed to be working. Outside of work, he is known to attend art galleries, playing his instruments, (the clarinet in particular being his favorite), or creating art that primarily depicts himself.

He is a tritagonist, meaning he can be both a protagonist and antagonist towards Spongebob and other characters within the show.

He claims to hate the nonsensical way the people in Bikini Bottom behave and is very quick to make a rude comment or point out when someone is doing something stupid. While he is usually very reluctant to get involved with most of the shenanigans Spongebob and Patrick get themselves into, when given the opportunity to move away into a neighborhood where everyone is introverted and relaxed, he had absolutely hated it and ended up creating ridiculous situations himself.

He is usually very mean and callous towards those around him, deeming them to be moronic compared to himself. He hates people in general, so first impressions more often than not will always turn out bad with this guy. However, he will from time to time stand up for someone he’s close to, and border on nice. For example, in Pizza Delivery Service, when a customer makes Spongebob cry hysterically, he takes the pizza, knocks on the door, and slams the box in the rude customer's face. Another example is in Spongebob, You're Fired!, he disguises himself as a Krabby Patty and goes to each restaurant Spongebob works at, and convinces him to come back to the Krusty Krab.

Abilities/Special Powers: He does not have any special abilities or powers. Although, he had picked up karate from Spongebob and Sandy, and was found to be pretty good at it when he took down a huge scary stranger who Squidward had thought was trying to mug him. He had also become much better at playing the clarinet, which can be shown in “Squid Plus One” and “Hello Bikini Bottom!”, which were some of the most recent episodes aired.

Third-Person Sample:
Squidward had been hiding out behind this counter for at least 45 minutes now. Honestly, he was glad that the Krusty Krab hadn’t had any customers since the morning. He sighed contentedly, propping his magazine up against his knees as he took a sip out of his drink. he would honestly be happy if this was how the entire day went.

As he heard his boss holler out for him and Spongebob to clean up the place, he let his head hang with a defeated sound. That meant he would probably have to actually work, unless he could convince the sponge to do all the cleaning for him.... Which, now that he thought about it, wouldn’t be hard at all to do. A smirk crept across his features as he popped up from behind the counter.

“Yes, sir, Mr.Krabs.” He said in a dry tone, accompanied by a mock saute. He leaned against the order window and smiled at the fry cook, who had already cleaned the kitchen repeatedly so it was spotless. “Hey, Spongebob? Mr.Krabs asked me to tell you to clean the tables? And the floor. And the bathroom. And the windows...”

First-Person Sample:

[ There was the heaviest, most overdramatic sigh that had probably ever been heard. He held up the device in his hand, not caring if anyone was watching at this point. This whole place was ridiculous. He hated to say it, but it may have been even worse than Bikini Bottom. ]

[ Soon, there was an actual octopus on screen, holding the device in front of himself, before sitting down and addressing whoever may be listening. ]

. . . . So, can anyone please tell me why we're all in some-- [ He gestures hastily at room he was in, squinting at the screen. ] interdemensional nonsense? Or is this just the norm now?


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